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Therapeutic Ultrasound

Ultrasound therapy is a new introduction to the clinic. It is an intervention that a physiotherapist had used on me, so I speak from positive experience. I was involved in a lot of sports such as weightlifting, CrossFit, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, so injuries were always there, in the background. These injuries occurred before my education in Osteopathy, so these injuries were poorly managed on my part.

I had Ultrasound therapy used for a rotator cuff injury, bicep injury and a knee (meniscal) injury.

Initially, I was treated with exercises by the physiotherapist, after three weeks, the physiotherapist decided to use ultrasound. From the very first treatment of it, I found a profound improvement in my symptoms. The ultrasound therapy was used for another four treatments, which were one week apart from each other.

Why did I decide to introduce it?

There are certain conditions, which, even with Osteopathy, it is tough to manage. But, with Ultrasound, in conjunction with osteopathy, symptoms improve considerably.

It works very well in tissues that have a poor blood supply and displays mechanical inflammation type symptoms. An inflamed area with poor blood supply makes for a difficult healing process.

Such areas or tissue types are –

– Tendons, such as in cases of tendonitis

– Fibrocartilage, such as knee meniscus (meniscal degeneration or injury), or discs in vertebrae.

– Tendon-muscle junction, common place of injury are the Achilles tendon/muscle junction

Ultrasound works by vibrating molecules within a tissue, causing friction, which in turn produces heat. Heat will open up all those tiny blood vessels within, which brings in fresh blood, improve circulation, which in turn, removes waste products.

Having a flow of fresh nutrients and healing properties into the area, while removing waste products, creates an ideal environment for healing, and allows a better use of osteopathic techniques.

The machine I use is the Digisonic therapeutic ultrasound. It is what I was trained with, with excellent programs set-up for individual areas.

The messy part of ultrasound is using plenty of Aqueous gel, which allows the sound waves to flow through the skin and deep into the tissues.

For any questions or further information, please email me on nadhiir@1stcareosteopathy.co.uk.

Thank you.

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