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The hype of Ketones

I have recently entered the ketones lifestyle.

The reasoning for this is that I am soon going to be 45 years of age. And, diabetes runs rampant in my genetics. My mum and dad have diabetes. All my uncles, both from my mum's and my dad's side, has diabetes.

Even though I live a healthy lifestyle, diabetes has always been in the back of my mind and seeing how it affects someone's health is not something I want at any stage of my life.

After thorough research, a ketogenic "lifestyle" seems to be an exciting option.

Let me briefly explain Ketosis involved in ketogenic.

Ketosis occurs when you restrict carbohydrate intake for long enough that you empty the carbohydrate gas tank.

When enough of your carbohydrate stores are depleted, your liver starts to use fatty acids, turning the fatty acids into ketones which are used for energy in your body and brain, rather than using glucose or carbohydrate.

Ketosis has many benefits both mentally and physically.

The diagram below is from the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

The benefits I have experienced are:

  • And increase mental focus and sustained mental focus. As a result, there was no fatigue, and I felt energetic throughout the day.

  • Mental clarity, never a moment of "brain fog".

  • Reduced hunger, I can go the whole day without thinking of food at all.

  • An increase in both physical stamina and strength, both of these were noticeable during a workout or high-intensity training.

  • I am feeling generally "lighter".

  • An increased sense of well-being.

Please, before considering a Ketogenic diet, do your research and seek medical advice.

The most significant disadvantage is that from a zero meat diet to now relying entirely on meat has been the most significant change. It is almost impossible to get enough fats from a non-meat source. Even meat alternatives have large portions of carbohydrates.

Those prone to diabetes should view carbohydrates like an allergen in the same manner as a gluten intolerant person would avoid glutens.

My meal in a day consists of:

  • For breakfast, a bulletproof coffee, which is black coffee blended with grass-fed butter and MCT oil.

  • For lunch, two tins of sardines or mackerel.

  • And an evening meal consisting of two portions of meat with a bowl of root vegetables (which will be my only carbohydrate source for the day)

The meal plan is together with supplementation to support my intake of micronutrients, minerals and omega-3.

I hope you find this a good read and a start to guide you through a diet plan that suits you.

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