Your posture tells a story

Your posture tells a story

When a client visits me, I observe their posture, initially during the consultation, and from standing and seated examination.

A posture tells a story, like a tree standing with its curves and bends, telling us how the tree responds to its environment over the years.

Majority of acute cases the posture is adapted to avoid compressing a structures or avoiding stretching of an area. It may allow us to localise a region of dysfunction.

When cases become chronic, an adaptation can be seen, which causes dysfunction in other areas of the body. For example, on ankle strain or inflammation may cause a person to prevent compression or limit weight bearing to the joint in the longer term adaptation may form. It could affect the chain above, all the way to the head.

There are condition which occurs during development, or from birth, which forms an altered posture that has adapted somewhat, only uncertainty is that we all have a limited reservoir of compensation and adaptation. And if the altered posture is demanding, together with environmental factors can drive a person to the edge of their reservoir of compensation and adaptation, which could develop into dysfunctions in other areas of the body.

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