Level headed

Level headed

Have you ever noticed? Either by watching TV, reading, looking at a computer or a laptop monitor, phone or a tablet, our head has this tendency to move forward, especially when we need to focus, or when we are just tired when holding our heavy head is getting tougher.

computer posture
drive posture

The fact is our awareness of where our head should be to our body, is not there, at that moment. Let's face it, we are a creature of habit, and this pattern can become a part of our life, and it can lead to some problems.

Our eyes always have to be level. When our spinal posture is not straight, our head will adapt to get our eyes as level as they can.

eye level posture
adapted posture

Common adaptation is the exaggerated curvature of the back part of the neck.

side posture
flexed cervical
adapted cervical lordosis

There are a lot of causes to this, such as:

- An adaptation to a forward curvature from the upper back region.

adapted thoracic kyphosis

- An imbalance between the front musculature and the back musculature in the neck, commonly the front part is overdeveloped be respiratory issues such as asthma, or specific exercise routine or strength training causing this imbalance. It creates the pulling or flexing the head forward, while the adaption will be increasing the curvature of the back of the neck. Osteopathic evaluation and treatment can help to restore these imbalances.

- Postural fatigue, such as long hours in front of a computer, or a lot of driving. But, postural fatigue has its causes, and underlying spinal issues could be there, which would be ideal for an osteopath to evaluate.


Poor adaptive posture, such as those described above, are habits that can lead to long-term issues, such as the health of your joints, musculature, and health to the nervous system, also, changes to how your body functions, the health of blood vessels and the way we express ourselves.

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